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Thanks for moving the thread, DamienD.

Man, last night I played Arkanoid for several hours, consistently re-charging myself on caffeine... I got to level 15!

(Ah, the good ol' days! Arkanoid has always been so addictive as to be a drug to me.)

Thanks for posting your faves, Retro-Nerd. It seems to me you have good taste:

-Metal Slug Series and Shock Troopers 1 & 2, I would not have thought such graphical games would run on MAME... shrug.

-Ghouls'n'Ghosts, this is a classic, one of the best platformers ever.
-Rainbow Islands, probably the best platformer ever. (Parasol Stars was never an arcade game, was it?)
-Strider, only ever managed to complete it on ST and Amiga, but those ports were very easy (and very disappointing!)
-R-Type, Gradius I-III, R-type is THE horizontal shmup to my mind (Pulstar comes second)
-Raiden, THE vertical shmup to my mind.

Off the top of my head, I would add Golden Axe, Shinobi, Shadow Dancer (as an adolescent, I fed obscene amounts of coins into those machines.)

rsn8887, interesting idea, but how feasible would it be to use an analogue mousewheel in Arkanoid, and could the wheel itself be assigned to control the Vaus? Mmm... scrolling up and down to move left and right would probably slightly bother me.

eLowar, very interesting idea (I lol'd), but again, I wonder how feasible it would be in Arkanoid... judging by the size and depending on sensitivity of rotation, I believe hand-cramp could be an issue... I might investigate this one further, as in Arkanoid you need all the sensitivity/precision you can get.
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