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Originally Posted by oneshotdead View Post
Now if only I had optical rotary input... any ideas?

BTW, this might be off-topic, but what are your fave games on MAME?

Edit: you can email me at if MAME discussion is disallowed by mods.
Logitech makes these "Microgear" mice, that contain an ultra-high precision mousewheel.,en

If you google microgear, there's a PDF describing the technology in more detail somewhere.
Never tested it, but I heard that the microgear works really well as a rotary controller in Mame for Arkanoid etc. since it is analog. A normal Mousewheel is digital (it clicks from one position to the next).

Mame favs?
Saint Dragon
Raiden Fighters Series
R-Type Leo
Irritating Maze (lol)

come to my mind immediately

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