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I'm too lazy now to count all my machines, but there are several C64s, 1541, C128, 1571, tons of A-500 ( some plus ) and 3 A-1200 and a PET 2001
Not everything is working, tough...


That brown breadbox C64 with white keys is from Germany, right ?
It is also called 'Aldi C64' because it was (only ? ) sold by a German supermarket called 'Aldi'.
Rumours say that Commodore put together these C64s from spareparts they had. The Aldi C64 was one of the latest C64 models which were produced ( maybe the C64-G was later ? Or this C64 cartridge only gamestation ? )
However, I have also heard that some Aldi C64 don't have the 9V to the userport connected. So some hardware expansions like e.g. epromburners won't work there.
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