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Great!!! AN UPDATE!! excellent Mr Dig

As for the coverdisks... I can confirm that the Dec94 issues doesnt have a SSF2 demo.... I just checked

Since I am here I will tell you which coverdisks I really got, as well as its contents:

Mar 92 [old ed, named as 'The One Sneak Previews Disk Nr 8]
INdy Heat Demo, Fuzzball Demo,

Apr 92
Space crusade Demo
Parasol Stars Demo
MS Gold and Snooker savestates, or something.

Nov 93:
Disk a - Uridium 2 Demo
Disk b - Hero Quest 2 Demo / Zombie Apocalypse PD
Disk c - Seek & Destroy Demo / Project Buzzbar PD

Dec 93
Disk a - Alien Breed 2 Demo
Disk b - Brian the Lion Demo / Bob's Bad Day Demo

Jan 94
Disk a - Galactic :Xmas remix [full game]
Disk b - Zool 2 Demo / Beetle PD game [full? kind of]

Feb 94
Disk a - Beneath a Steel Sky Demo
Disk b - Super Methane Bros. Demo

Mar 94
Disk a - Benefactor Demo / Ork Attack PD / Polymorf PD
Disk b - Championship Manager Italia Demo / Premier Picks PD

Oct 94
Disk a - Alien Breed : Tower Assault Demo / Zonked! Demo
Disk b - Sensible World of Soccer Fancy League Demo

Nov 94
Disk a - Aladdin Demo (grrr I deleted this one!)
Disk b - Embryo Demo

Dec 94
Disk a - Rise of the Robots demo
Disk b - Mortal Kombat 2 Demo

Jan 95
Disk a - Jungle Strike Demo (A1200)
Disk b - Holiday Lemmings 94 Demo
Disk c - Super Skidmarks 2 Demo / Base jumpers Demo

Apr 95
Disk a - X-Fighter preview
Disk b - Flight of the Amazon Queen demo

Other assorted coverdisks I still have...

Amiga Computing April 1994
Disk a - Kindwords 3 full proggy [disk one]
Disk b - Kindwords 3 part two / CLiVA

Amiga Power Disks 10 and 11

Amiga Computing, issues 45, 46, 47, 49

Amiga Format disks 31, 32,

Amiga Action disks 26/26

Amiga User INternational Superdisk 28

I must have lost about ten coverdisks though (( Anyway, that's what Ive giot and Ill try to give you anything you dont have.

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