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Smile Hombre v0.5 released

In a nutshell, Hombre is a collection of utilities aimed at users of low end Amiga models (like the A500) who want to transfer files from their PCs. It is both versatile and easy to use. All the software crammed onto the disk comes from legal sources and can be freely distributed (this compilation is NOT for sale).

After a looong delay I’ve finally managed to put together a new release of Hombre. Lot’s of new things included (just have a look at the features list below – new functionality is highlighted; I've made dozens of other minor changes but these are not worth mentioning). As I’m still writing the docs that will eventually be included on the disk I will provide brief step-by-step guides for the different methods of transfer (floppy, serial, parallel) and a quick reference for the three start-up modes available (standard, minimal, remote) in this thread. This should do for now and allow anyone with even a limited knowledge of AmigaOS to get files across without major hassle. Docs for every program on the disk are included in a separate zip file so if you ever feel lost refer to them for extra parameters and usage.
  • the whole package is built around the small (36K) yet powerful and memory efficient ZShell giving you (among other things) command line editing options, wildcards, file name completion and 68 in-built commands!;
  • you don’t have to remember long and cryptic command line arguments since you can invoke most of the programs by pressing one of the Function keys. Plenty of useful aliases are also defined;
  • all software on the disk is compatible with 1.3 version of Kickstart. Most of the programs work with later revisions;
  • various methods of transferring files:
  • using floppies (FAT, long filenames supported);
  • via the Serial port. TransWarp, TwinExpress (DOS only), DNet (WinUAE required) and ZModem;
  • via the Parallel port. Paradise (can be made WinXP compatible) and Apccomm (Linux);
  • special startup-mode for using Hombre over a text terminal (useful when you want to back up your floppies but don’t have the required cables/monitor or Amiga‘s hardware is faulty -- keyboard, RGB port etc.). Although the connection utilises the serial port as the shell runs over an AUX: style device ZModem transfers are still possible;
  • a ‘Minimal Mode’ that you can select during boot-time that gives you >910000 bytes of free memory with a command shell up and running on a 1 meg machine. Should also come in handy on Amigas equipped with only 512kb of memory;
  • a comprehensive support for ADF files:
  • (g)zipped images can be written straight onto floppies (as long as the file is smaller than 760kb). It‘s best to use this feature in Minimal Mode with files >650kb;
  • creation of normal/extended images;
  • transfer ADF files directly to/from disks using both(serial/parallel) link-up methods;
  • command aliases for ‘chopped’ ADFs (useful when using PC floppies for transfer) -- now for 0,5 meg machines too. There’s even an interactive shell script that simplifies the whole procedure. All you have to do is swap disks and press Enter when prompted.
  • thanks to the combination of DNet and WinUAE you can access a folder on your PC from the Amiga just like any other drive. You can also use PC's keyboard and mouse as if they were connected to the Amiga (only works with system friendly apps);
  • utilities that make working with many windows much easier (window/screen cycling, mouse acceleration, auto point etc.);
  • programs that let you copy, format, check, validate, repair disks and salvage data from them;
  • a screen grabber, text editor, text viewer, preferences program, topaz.font replacements and SnoopDos are also included;
  • plus docs that guide you through different methods of transfer and give tips on how to get the most out of Hombre.
I really wanted to include docs in this release but writing them’s a b*tch (converting, layout, proofreading etc.). Since it was holding back the whole thing (pretty much everything was ready a month ago) I decided to leave them out for now. Just a file is included (it’s a start).

Here’s a list of people that somehow contributed to the project that I’d like to thank:
  • Zuza for being so kind and considerate throughout my work on Hombre :*;
  • all the people responsible for the software included (check the file in docs/ on the disk for a detailed list);
  • Lombi of Anarchy who put together an amazing collection of utilities that inspired me to do something similar;
  • Pazza of LSD and his ‘LSD Legal Tools’ collection where I got most of the programs from;
  • Fred Fish for his amazing software collection; (RIP)
  • creators and maintiners of;
  • Toni Wilen for WinUAE which made my life so much easier when preparing this collection;
  • Bloodwych for his brilliant classicWB packs which saved me a lot of time and effort;
  • Paul for helping me out with the wiki page; (RIP)
  • Tygrys for lending me his A500 (wielkie dzieki!);
  • Zetr0 for the webspace (I'm sure I'll find some use for it cheers!)
  • scaf for his ADFDump disk;
  • Josh for the SAAR PD disks;
  • Jimbo for his great FTP server;
  • Nyder, frantic for offering their help with testing the package (appreciate it!);
  • Alexh for useful suggestions;
  • staff (especially mailman -- you ROCK) for a fantastic web site;
  • all active EAB users for making it the best Amiga related website in the galaxy;
Link to files: - ADF with the latest version. - Docs for all utilities on the disk plus a .guide viewer for Windows. - DOS floppy image based on FreeDOS. Needed when you want to use twinexpress. - makes Paradise Win2000/XP compatible

Programs that you'll need on the PC:

ADF Sender Terminal


Terminals (for running Hombre in remote mode):
Term (the best one to use but needs WinUAE) + libs

File splitters
FFSJ (my favourite)

That's it. Watch this space for step-by-step guides.

Why not check the wiki page here on
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