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Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
One more thing: any NEW Amiga hardware is STILL going to be relying on emulation to run the old classics... Just something to consider.
who needs "new" emulating hardware? you can just refurb your current amigas. use parts form other broken ones if you have to.

what do you think my a1200 is? a European PS3?

oh, and btw, to those that mentioned it; theres no "nostaliga" to running whdload games on an expanded a1200... not everyone -liked- all that bloody disk-swapping, we still want the best the machine is capable of. (which as we all know, is a lot)

I'd even use PS2 pads and a wireless keyboard on my a1200 if i could. as Fred loves to point out, that newer stuff is easier to replace, and thats the kind of stuff that gets thrashed. As long as the "heart" of the amiga is pure, you are still getting a better experience thanks to the accuracy, and a feel that emulation doesnt have (smoothness, lack of lag etc), but of course, some people i guess are just not that much of perfectionists, and are happy without. fair enough, just be willing to realise some people wont be happy with that.

i am a bit tired of this thread now though. like Paul_s i'd be happier talking about burning Ataris.
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