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Oooooooh..... Did you just say that word? The gods might get angry.

Once upon a time. In a land faraway. I was going to write an article about Team Chaos. I interviewed their captain, James Conwell. He applied for a job at SSI in the early 1980s. SSI had a D&D license at the time. They rejected him. He told me "If you can't join them, beat the crap out of them." He has dedicated his life to making a game better than D&D since that time.
Yeah heard that. The reason I said it was for you to understand the concept really. That's why it ISN'T going to be added really...

How is it different from the Triple spell?
AFAIK Triple spell repeats the spell. My idea was that you could cast 3 different spells without the opponent replying. There had to be some sense in the stackings naturally.
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