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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Originally Posted by alban lusitanae View Post
The spell was ripped out of D&D rules.
Oooooooh..... Did you just say that word? The gods might get angry.

Once upon a time. In a land faraway. I was going to write an article about Team Chaos. I interviewed their captain, James Conwell. He applied for a job at SSI in the early 1980s. SSI had a D&D license at the time. They rejected him. He told me "If you can't join them, beat the crap out of them." He has dedicated his life to making a game better than D&D since that time.

It won't be inserted in the game, btw. What it would do, is basically make you cast 3 spells in a row. Non-stackable effects.
How is it different from the Triple spell?
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