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i think its funny that so many people think there is *one* right answer to this.... and the right answer is always their own. everyone who thinks differently is OBVIOUSLY wrong right?

Originally Posted by Fred the Heathen
And if one wanted to utilize different models of the Amiga or Atari 800 or MSX or whatever, one can have say, 20 different models to choose from wrapped up in a laptop, instead of having to buy or get those same 20 models. Cluttering up your home, emptying your wallet.
you are comparing Hardware against Emulation alone, rather than than Amiga hardware vs. Amiga Emulaltion. i dont think thats fair, as Amiga hardware -is- a necessity for certain tasks, where as most other systems are much simpler and are much more easily/accurately emulated.

also, saying that hardware breaks is a rubbish arguement. your laptop running the emualtor will break eventually... what do you do then? replace it of course - i reckon there's enough available in spares/refurb's to last all of our lifetimes.

your obviously not going to change you mind, thats fair enough, you have (mostly) reasonable arguements that i can understand... they suit YOUR requirements. but to just think that the one viewpoint is all that matters seems somewhat blinkered to me.
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