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My stuff

Since we're talking about computer-collections, I thought I'd add in some info on my stuff as well. So here goes:

I have...
  • A C128.
  • An Amiga 1200, which currently resides on a desk, without any case. It's got a Blizzard 1230-II and 32MB's of Fast-RAM.
  • A VIC-20. I have some carts for it, like Adventure, Jupiter Lander, The Sky is Falling, and Avenger.
  • Tiki 100. This is a Norwegian CP/M-based computer, with 64KB's of RAM, a DD floppydrive (5 1/4"), and an AY-soundchip (similar to the one used in the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC).

OK, my collection is not as large as yours. But it's still quite good. So there.

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