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Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
That's simply not true. For specific purposes (realtime control/MIDI and nostalgia generation being the biggies) real hardware wins hands down. For most other purposes the two solutions are either equal (gaming and demo-viewing) or emulation comes out ahead (productivity software, 3D rendering, coding and compiling stuff)

All solutions have a place and don't try to state the opposite, because it's simply an ABSURDITY!
Uh you forgot to include 3 very important factors in the benefit of emulation:

No cost and no clutter and variety.
Besides, eventually all hardware will give out someday. There are less Amigas working now than in 2006. And same will be said next year in regards to this year.
So the resources for the real thing crowd is dwindling and getting costlier all the time.
And if one wanted to utilize different models of the Amiga or Atari 800 or MSX or whatever, one can have say, 20 different models to choose from wrapped up in a laptop, instead of having to buy or get those same 20 models. Cluttering up your home, emptying your wallet.
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