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"But please don't give away the password to friends or post it in various forums on the net."

In light of that statement on the Hipoonios website, maybe you should remove the password from your post. That said, I get the same kinds of errors trying it (not that I really needed anything, I was just testing if a download would start).

Edit: Tried again a little later and it works for me now. So chances are it was really just full (if there's a 4 user limit that's not so unlikely).

Originally Posted by Minuous
There are a couple of rare games there which seem to be only there and on PlanetEmu, since none of these sites work it is highly annoying.
What's wrong with PlanetEmu? It seems to work fine for me. And what's on PlanetEmu with its ancient TOSEC sets that's not available elsewhere? If you can tell me and I have it, I'll gladly make it publicly available (assuming it's not troublesome material), if it's not excessive amounts of data.

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