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Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
Well that depends on a number of factors. For realtime control purposes (aka your MIDI work) emulation is not as good as the real thing. For many other things (demo-watching, 3D rendering, even some gaming) emulation IS supierior in many practical ways (though real hardware may well still have an edge in terms of "feel"
i have never denied this!

i have freely admitted that i love emulation, and find it incredible useful and satisfactory for many purposes.... i've merely made the point that hardware (for me) is greater becasue of the accuracy. (maybe that makes me a purist at heart, i dunno) - i dont actually see it as being as easy as "which is better" myself - i think this is a somewhat narrow view to assume its that simple.

this is why i am confused by comments like:

Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Stick to your endangered hardware.
...being thrown at me, when i am particularly vocal about my love of both.
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