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Kingdom - The far reaches AGA *Test*

Okay, this is a small project I started some months ago.
I wanted to know, if it´s possible to convert the FMV game "Kingdom - The far reaches" from the CD-i to the Amiga.

I used SCALA MM300 to realize it.
I know, light years away from being professional
But it´s usable for simple FMV games like Kingdom.

I plugged my DV recorder into the CD-i player and recorded the intro sequence and the Kingdom teaser. Then I converted it (including intro pics and main menu) into ANIM and IFF format.

I had to reduce the screen size to 250 x 200 (256 colours) to get it synchronized with the audio output (stereo).

It works quite well as you can see in this video:

[ Show youtube player ]

I think the whole game needs two CDs and 16 or 32 MB RAM.
I did this demo on 060. But it should run smoothly on 030 as well.

Do you think it´s worth the effort? Should I go on with it?
I´m not sure.

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