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No modern games, whether they be on PS3, Wii, 360, or PC, interest me in the slightest. My emotions regarding the computer and videogame industry are not of lamentation (like Blade002, no offense, man), BUT OF ANGER AND OF CYNICISM.

Last decent PC game I played was Fallout, over a decade ago. Before that time, I played C64, Atari ST, and Amiga.

Now I see that "Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster".

I am 30, but will never purchase another game, regardless of platform, mainly because I perceive no mechanical advancement in them, but only "extreme immersion" through aesthetics (eyecandy). In fact, the actual gameplay is becoming simpler in order to pander to peeps less intellectually endowed, and a broader demographic (multiculturalism). Sorry, couldn't be more uninterested in a watered-down game made for a global mass (excuse the misanthope).

BioShock, Mass Effect, Crysis, don't make me yawn. I call such programs not games, but bloatware. Physics, polygons, lens flares galore: again, uninterested. I don't fork out for new hardware when the expense incurred doesn't translate into a more sophisticated gaming experience. I kinda like to use my brain, employ some tactics. As for MMORPGs, lol. Never have I played one... if I want interaction with other human beings in a fantasy game I'll play tabletop Dungeons & Dragons.

I blame Japan for making games mainstream: they hacked Western RPG ideas and turned them into insipid railroaded pick-a-path storylines. Don't ask me to defend this viewpoint, as I'm stoned.

blade002 wrote:

I want to go back to when WE PUSHED THE BOUNDARIES !!!!!....
And when was the last time this happened? This is 2007, man. Long gone are the scientists who were intellectuals first and then became capitalists to market a product which actually had a USE, an actual benefit to humanity.

Now we have their rich decendents, who use their inheritance to market products which either have little use, or no use at all (how many pairs of fluoro-coloured flip-flops does a pre-pubescent require). Mass marketing gurus can sell them complete crap on a stick, and they, like their parents, will consume almost anything with enough exposure to advertising.

As for Deluxe Paint, I just got WinUAE working well, installed WB3.1 on a virtual HDD, and am currently having a lot of fun with it (thanks to community support here). I find it more useful than Adobe Photoslop, just a lot less hassle, too much feature-creep in the latter!

I remember animating my first flick using DP3. It was like magic to produce the illusion of movement so simply and seemlessly.

Anyway, just my 0.02 cents...
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