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Paul_s that answer says it all, just brilliant

I'm having to agree let the amiga die a natural death. It made its mark in history that no one can deny, and we were apart of it. Still are by using the amiga emulators on our pcs.

For all its software, which most is now freeware in the public domain. Are there groups looking to make the remaining softwares available into the freeware domain. More over for the amiga posterity, ensuring its classic status survival. For present amiga users, and all new and future amigans to come.

I know there are still softwares currently still actively maintained. It is their descrition whether they make there software. Freely availble, whilst still maintaining it. If were made to freely availble freeware, that also may give a bigger bug reporting input and user base. Justify its code been updated and advanced upon with newer features. As more users are then able to use these softwares. If they were to exspensive to be justifiable for use previously by a amigan. What of the other mia or softwares that the need owner consent, for release in the free amiga domain. Are these actively been sought to be made freely available for us today and forever.
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