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Originally Posted by laffer View Post
I'm on a Sierra kick these days.. finished Kings Quest 1,2,3 and 6 the last few days. Well I started with Kings Quest 6 as for some reason I'd never finished that game before

Anyway, today I finished Larry 2 again.. been years and years since the last time I played that game. It's a pretty easy game but it's still a great game.
One thing about this game though - it has a TON of dead ends! I don't think I've played any other games with as many dead ends as this one. Most are easily avoidable but there are a few you might run into. Great game though, I like the Leisure Suit Larry series (as you might guess from my nick ).
And you didn't record them in the process .......

Kidding .... but please do if you're gonna play through another game ... so everyone can see these amiga games all the way through.
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