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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
I agree with everyone that mentions new hardware for a new Amiga is just pointless. The days of building brilliant custom chips and motherboard designs for home computers are over and that's what the original Amiga was all about. All we have left now is the OS and it's identity, the hardware side should no longer be considered an issue.

Custom hardware is now left to the moneybags companies who can afford to enter the console market. Even then they usually make heavy losses. It's impossible to create computer hardware at reasonable prices that can out-perform a cheap PC. Fact.

The only logical solution in this day and age is to bite the bullet and take what's left - using cheap PC parts. Essentially, make Amiga OS x86 with seamless classic emulation built in. The only hardware customers could buy that's non-standard would be a nice unique case, keyboard and mouse, but they can run the OS on any PC if they so choose.

Apple have recognized this is the way to go - hardware is now of second importance, marketing, software and image are everything. Even then it's only going to be die hard fans who buy it, but at least it has a chance as opposed to nothing.
What he said.

It is impossible for a big company to unsurp PC's and Microsoft as the industry standard, even more unlikely for Amiga Inc to achieve it either.

Amiga can continue, but as a dynamic OS that makes Windows look crap, and lets face it, even if Amiga Inc did come up with a new version of AmigaOS that blew Windows out the water, it would take years and years for the Industry to adopt it in place of Windows.

MacOS, Linux, Windows, plus a myriad of other smaller OS's, what hope would AmigaOS have against all this competition?

Wheres the queue of software developers wanting to write software for Amiga?

Most people want an alternative to Windows, unfortunately Amiga Inc are incapable of providing it. Seems they will make their money by suing people!

Amiga should be proudly remembered as a product of its time, this entry level proposed machine is everything the Amiga idea isn't. Amiga was light years ahead of everything else around, this 'new' machine isn't anywhere near todays hardware.

Let the Amiga die a dignified death for fucks sake.
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