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The main control pads I use for my Amigas these days are Competition Pro CD32 pads, although I still have a couple of original Commodore CD32 pads plugged into some of the A1200s and CD32s we have set up around the place. Back in the A500 days, I had plenty of joysticks, including half of the ones posted so far. I really loved the big flight stick style digital ones for games like Stunt Car Racer, because combined with my swivelling, rotating, rocking chair, I'd be moving around like I was in one of those hydrolic arcade machines.

Before the Competition Pro CD32 pads, I had a few Sega Master System and Mega Drive pads, and they were alright too, especially if the games supported the second fire button.

My next project is going to be an arcade cabinet with dual Playstation arcade joysticks wired up inside it. With this, I can hook up a PS1 or PS2, or using those Playstation-to-CD32 adapters, any Amiga. I can't wait to play some good Amiga games that support the CD32's extra buttons with an arcade stick instead of a pad for once. Running Fightin' Spirit in it would feel like a real arcade machine.

If I do get those adapters (either bought from someone on eBay if he relists them, or maybe making one myself if I learn how) I'll get a few more Nubitech Street Fighter Playstation control pads too, since these have the best D-pad and button layout of any Playstation pad I've ever used.
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