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Check this thread. It may have the info you need: WinUAE vs. Total Chaos AGA
Right. I'll check

I leave my Amiga on for weeks/months at a time with Total Chaos running. It is running right now. The game is rock solid on my Real Amiga Machine.
Precisely. I'm on WinUAE, which means it's not that stable

If you donate ca$h and beg for netplay I figure they will do it. They usually add anything that 3 or more people ask for. Oh the pleasures of being in the Amiga market.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't expect them to take the trouble to do that in a virtual environment, they'd do it for a real Hard miggy (which makes perfect sense), and since I don't have one it's quite silly to ask

I am very curious... if you have been a hardcore D&D type person for 15 years... why did you wait until 1 year after your Amiga died to start playing Total Chaos?
Because I had never heard of it before? I had been playing 101s of the original Chaos against my mates using speccy version for many years. And playing role-plays And wondering why no-one made a remake of Phantasie III - Wrath of Nikademus

How would a Time Stop work
Simple. There is already a spell that allows an extra movement. As per D&D or MtG, I'd say a 10 or 5% chance spell that allows you extra free turns without your opponent playing on that turn. 2 turns would be enough to tip the balance scale I think. More would be a munchkin way of winning the game.

I think a screenshot woulda been easier for me to understand.
Would be pleased to give one IF I had it...
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