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Ah, a nice thread. I never owned an Amiga, as I was too poor. I owned an Atari St. This was sold to me by a freind who used that money to help pay for an Amiga 1200. So I was at his home playing Amiga games ALOT
Anyway, this cretin is now a PeeCee freak, and I remember when, in 1992, he showed me the PC version of Secret of Monkey Island. I was rabidly devouring the Amiga version (I liked it so much, I bought the Atari version. Actually, my freind did. He must have been ill of me staying up and playing it while he tried to sleep).
I must say, the difference was neglible. Thusly, I was surprised indeed. I had seen the IBM version of Hot Rod and Defender of the Crown, 2 of my fave Amiga games, and was appalled by the EGA/CGA garbage. And when my freind purchased Microprose's
B 17 Bomber, I was shocked. it looked better than the Amiga version. This game, incedentally, is what got me to become a flight sim fanatic
So overall, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at playing my first PC games. What games there were, were the same as those as Amiga\Atari St. What we have now, though, is pure, souless garbage, with occasional gems such as IL-2 Sturmovik and Sim City 3000.
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