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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Whats your take on this, your ideas. Do you think it is practical or workable.
Nice ideas but it would turn into a glorified PC at the end of the day with the only difference being the OS. M$ have the majority share so you'd have to compete with that for a start...

It's just a totally different market now as opposed to the good old days. Sad as it is Bill McEwen primised us hardware this summer for OS4... looks like that will never happen either! There is too little uptake imo and for what you can buy with £300 these days in PC hardware terms wipes the floor with what is proposed by Amiga Inc. If they want my interest then it'd have to be a computer in a keyboard style with hybrid compatibility of that of a A1200 and hardware which supports 3.9 upwards....
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