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Sorry to drag this old one back up, first time i have read it.

What in my mind, largely contributed to the amiga demise back in the A1200 days. Was the over inflated prices, of the amiga add-on hardware. Before the end of amiga, i remember many times. Walking around pc add-on wares shops looking at the add-on card et all. The prices were a mere fraction of the cost for amiga hardware.

If the amiga add-on manufactures had sold at lower prices to match in store pc prices for their wares. I do really belive that the amiga would have continued. Because the amiga community and new amiga buyers could afford to buy into the add-on hardware. Back then i could afford very little at the prices that were then, But could easily afford the add-on hardware that was for sale in the stores.

Ok it came to late in the day, that the amiga could use some add-on pc hardware. But at a extra cost of buying interfaces to use them on the amiga.

Maybe the only way the amiga could get back on top again now. Is to use todays hardware, cpu's et all.

Make a add-on pcie card that has that classic amigas os on them. And sell the amiga as a clever designed new motherboard with chipset and all.

All componments user up gradable except for the amiga-motherboard. Unless you decide to buy a more powerful amiga board, than the one you previously bought.

Motherboard - amiga (designed)
CPU - your choice (motherboard dependant on MHz speed to install)
AGA or PCIe Graphics - your choice
GBs of fast memory over 4 or more slots (user added)
GB Lans
Wireless (latest that is secure) (using a chip user flashable - future security)
3 to 4 PCI slots
3 to 4 PCIe slots
Graphics is what the amiga great for many, but these were add-on boards. So the fully loaded amiga boards, should be built to take the industry graphics board they use. Sure even we could get to use them, remember keep the pricing down, to attract everyone.

And all the other bits modern motherboards have on them.

Amiga OS - Most important - With amiga hardware prices low and affordable for all. Build and constantly update, update the os for bugs and improvements. Make it easy for all todays code languages. For 3rd party developers to join in and write softwares. Make it the best os, make it the os everyone wants to use at wherever.

Amiga Classic os's are on the PCIe add-on card that come with the motherboard or is bought seperatly. Not at a inflated price remember you need the older classic amiga owners back. This PCIe classic amiga os board if totaly fully user flashable. It has two or more 6mb flash roms. One is a back up rom, as some motherboards have.

Ok it is a pc, or how you concieve a pc today. But the amazing thing will be the motherboard with advance ahead of time coded chipsets. The chipsets made the amiga a classic, for each new amiga.

Remember we could use our amigas and multitask way before pc knew about multitasking. We had wygwys gui before any pc. We had...

This is the quickest and best way to get a new amiga to the market place. They will be a great machines to run and own. Ensuring that new amigans, novices, experienced and companys could use and work with the new amigas. Why this has not been done so far is beyond reasoning. Its not hard to think of a winning formula.

Appreciated all the past present amiga comings and goings, backstabbing and all. Surely someone could make a go of it, the OS, motherboards and add-on classic PCIe board need clever designing to reach high audience expectations. If the ingrediants are right, i would buy one, two heck three new amiga pc's.

But only, only if the pricing is right. Not forgetting how much todays motherboards do sell for. Not forgetting to that hardware does fall in price, it does not remain static. Items get cheaper, with newer design and to make way for newer designed products. Whoever sells the new amiga motherboards, do not to over inflate the prices, or keep them artificially static high.

Consumers have a greater choice today, they like to shop around for bargains. The new amiga needs to make a name for itself again. The old amiga in a big way, ended previously over overinflated prices. Don't let this happen again.

Make it happen. Make the amiga a reality. One that we can use and work with.

I'm sure there are many other ideas to add to this list. I feel i have wriiten enough for now. Whats your take on this, your ideas. Do you think it is practical or workable.

Is this in the wrong forum.
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