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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Originally Posted by alban lusitanae View Post
Right! *Puts on newb hat* How do you that? I'm on WinUAe 1.4.1
Check this thread. It may have the info you need: WinUAE vs. Total Chaos AGA

Nah, just used to pay for more stable versions. I understand the complexity of coding it and a bow goes to those guys, I just like to have a less-than-moody application when I put my money on it. Sorry about the misinterpretation mates.
I leave my Amiga on for weeks/months at a time with Total Chaos running. It is running right now. The game is rock solid on my Real Amiga Machine.

Wanna put a virtual guiness where your mouth is? I'll have to see how we can actually do that, because I'm at a loss as how we're going to manage a 101 on Total Chaos via net...
If you donate ca$h and beg for netplay I figure they will do it. They usually add anything that 3 or more people ask for. Oh the pleasures of being in the Amiga market.

Considering I've been Master and Player of Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire The Masquerade and Call of Ctulhu for 15 years, I'd say plenty.
I am very curious... if you have been a hardcore D&D type person for 15 years... why did you wait until 1 year after your Amiga died to start playing Total Chaos?

Why didn't you play Total Chaos for 15 years on your Amiga and then suddenly start playing Vampire: The Masquerade in 2007?

Well, I have some in mind, like gate spells, time stops,
How would a Time Stop work?

I just annoy them to death really: last time I had it (before it timed out) I was in this situation:


Where 1 is a red heart, 2 a silver heart, X arial servant, M Martyrs
, N dragon nest and d the dragons. poor lizards, they got no LOS and I was getting +15 life points / turn.
I think a screenshot woulda been easier for me to understand.
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