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What is the point of this link, pray tell?

All I see is a website, bloated with unncessary images, icons, and information the vast majority of which no one would care for. And if they did, why not just put it in HTML format, with blue text?

I just hate fluff over content, and the top 99 shows that Amigans not only have no taste, but are perverts as well!

(I see no ADF download here, BTW.)

On another note, it seems almost every site for downloading games is bloated with advertising or unneccessary graphics. It seems peeps are unable to simply create a site in text and supply a simple rightclick download link.

Does anyone offer a CD (or DVD) of all these games, as being on dial-up it's so nauseating waiting for the lists, only to find the game isn't on the site.

Even if there was a resource which showed which games are available and from where they can be obtained, that would be very useful indeed (in txt file).

Please excuse my tone, I just despise bloated, adwared sites full of fluff and eyecandy.

Not saying HOL is all that, but many of them are...

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