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Oh and UAE users don't forget to up the stack size to 10000, I get gurus from time to time with it at 5000
The game sets its stack to 50,000 not 5,000
but for some logically impossible, yet falsely true, reason... All UAE based Amiga Virtual Machines need the stack set to at least 100,000. Strangely weird..
Right! *Puts on newb hat* How do you that? I'm on WinUAe 1.4.1

He really sounded like he was whining. And it was highly annoying.
Nah, just used to pay for more stable versions. I understand the complexity of coding it and a bow goes to those guys, I just like to have a less-than-moody application when I put my money on it. Sorry about the misinterpretation mates.

But when we play a game together I still gunna whup the stuffin outta him.
Oh God, how I love the smell of roasted newbs in the morning.
Wanna put a virtual guiness where your mouth is? I'll have to see how we can actually do that, because I'm at a loss as how we're going to manage a 101 on Total Chaos via net...

WTF!? You can make new spells into the game!?
Yes, if:

1 - He tells me how / sends me a code template with the variables
2 - He agrees to it in the first place

I love new spells! What new spells can you add?
Considering I've been Master and Player of Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire The Masquerade and Call of Ctulhu for 15 years, I'd say plenty. Have no lack of materials. Animations, Gfx and Sounds... well, different story. Can't code I'm afraid. I will do an effort for the AmigaHeads in here though, if you support me.

It does not matter if they are "D&D" spells but just any interesting new spells are always fun to experiment with! I have been having a lot of fun with all these new powerpoint spells and the new monsters too!
Well, I have some in mind, like gate spells, time stops, different types of undead, etc. I just need to know if he wants me to have a shot at it. I need to know the variables or what he wants from me in terms of data.

It is great to fight Dragon Nests! They don't generate very often, but when they do.. oh boy! What fun seeing a Red Dragon mowing down rows of orcs & halflings while my wizard climbs into a tree and hides!
I just annoy them to death really: last time I had it (before it timed out) I was in this situation:


Where 1 is a red heart, 2 a silver heart, X arial servant, M Martyrs
, N dragon nest and d the dragons. poor lizards, they got no LOS and I was getting +15 life points / turn.
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