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If you were truly lame and talentless, can't draw or code then I woulda sponsored you, IF I thought you would make me a worthy opponent
If this means you think I'm crap at Chaos, think twice. if I could play against you via net, I would. Just don't have a real miggy (mine just went dead a year ago, I'm on UAE). But I accept your challenge anytime.

I heard of a guy who got it just by writing two "spooky" mods for the game
Actually you didn't have to write anything. 80% of all the mods I heard in the game are ripped from many other games I played in the miggy, and I mean many! So I'll just drop them my ancient mod collection and get the unlimited version I guess... Yes, I also rip mods. Or get more D&D book images to make menu screens.

I think if you really enjoy the game and if you can't contribute in any other meaningful way, pay for it and stop being so ridiculously tight. For Christ's sake.
Aggressive aren't we.

I had no problem contributing, actually. Just found it weird, that's all...
I'll E-Mail the guy. If he needs to, he just needs to send me the specs on how to make spells and stuff like that, and I'll convert some nice D&D Spells for him if he wants too... or images... or mods...

If I don't, I'll just send the guy some credits and buy the game. And then figure out how to destroy the damn Dragon generator it keeps appearing on my games... Nice challenge that one.
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