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If Sun had bought Commodore...

Back in the early 90s, Sun was apparently impressed enough by the Amiga that they considering buying Commodore. At that point they were looking to expand out of the techincal market and into the "creative" market (where the Amiga was a major contender, especially in the color graphics, video production and music creation areas) and into the home market (where the Amiga was the undisputed king in Europe). Sun also figured that the A3000UX would make a decent "entry level" Unix box. Sadly Commodore wasn't very interested (in 1990 they didn't realize just how deep of trouble they were in) and Sun didn't care enough to pursue the matter very much, so nothing ever happened...

Still, the question remains. What would have happened if Sun HAD bought Commodore. Would the Amiga still be a major player? Would it, rather than the Mac, be the dominant player in the graphics design market? Or would things have not really changed, with Sun losing interest and dropping the Amiga product after a few years and the system fading into relative obscurity along with NeXTSTEP, OS/2, BeOS and all the other superior bits of computer technology that never made it...
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