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Horses for courses.

You want the 'real' Amiga experience:- get something that looks like an Amiga.
Nostalgia / space & money an issue:- WinUAE is wonderful!
( No it doen't feel like a real Amiga but that's got a lot to do with the underlaying OS. )
High-end Amiga use:- Get Amithlon! ( if you can )
It feels like a real Amiga with RTG + AHI ( ok a DraCo ). It's far faster than any any mega-bucks build you could do with 'proper hardware' and gives you access to lots of modern stuff ( like USB ) without all the fuss. AmigaOS really shines with a bit of grunt behind it. ( ghz 68040 )

Zealotry is alive and well!

Well bugger me!
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