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An Amiga that's been upgraded with a ppc is nothing but a slow Mac anyway.

Either the original, unmodified hardware, nostalgia for all the senses, the touch of spongy keys, the smell of old DD disks and the special sound of my own df0 drive, or emulation.

But 99% of the time, for convenience, emulation. I'd rather emulate one good game then have 10 good game boxes in the loft. I was a bit more hardcore about emulation before, with VGA/LCD, HDs and all that stuff, until I realized that it wasn't the way I should use my amiga. I got a waaaaay better PC for that stuff.

even on winuae I like play games using adf can watch the intros and you can use save states and games works better than using whdload
Yea, same thing here. It's not that ADFs in any technical way are better then WHD or SPS, just that there's a place for all of them. I did own a couple of original games, those I've SPS:ed.

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