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Sierra adventure games

Well, I posted this on another forum as well but I thought I might as well post it here as well and see what you people think

I've recently replayed quite a few Sierra games.. and I've also finished some games I had not yet finished for some reason. And I have to say, Sierra made some fantastic adventure games!

So I'm wondering what the concensus around here is when it comes to Sierra games. I myself am a big fan of the Lucasarts adventure games but I do think Sierra made adventure games that are just as good as the ones Lucasarts made. It's hard for me to pick a favourite here, I think both Sierra and Lucasarts were fantastic back when they were making adventure games.

Of course, there are some problems that reoccur in a lot of Sierra games that I hear people complain about quite often - deaths and dead ends. It's no secret that quite a few Sierra games have plenty of dead ends making it impossible to proceed since you've forgotten to do something at an earlier part of the game to where it's impossible to go back unless you load an earlier save. Personally I don't mind this much - I always keep a lot of saves and I find that in most cases it's not unfair as it's often pretty obvious that you should not proceed without figuring certain things out first.

And deaths I don't mind at all - I think it adds a sense of danger that some games benefit from.. and often deaths are pretty damn funny. I intentionally die in many games just to see the death sequence and/or the message I get after I die (lots of very dry jokes there!).

One good thing about Sierra - they made a lot more adventure games than Lucasarts ever did. Some might say "quality over quantity" but I think Sierra kept a consistant good quality in their adventure games. And they used some fantastic hand drawn backgrounds later on when they started using 256 colors (Kings Quest 5, their first 256 color game, still looks fantastic if you ask me!).

So personally, I like both companies equally.. they both created fantastic adventure games and they both screwed it all up later on.

If you're curious, the game I had waited too long to finish and finished for the first time just now is Kings Quest 6 - I was never too keen on the Kings Quest series in general but Kings Quest 6 is really awesome! Of couse, Jane Jensen helped write the story in this one which is most likely why it's better than the other Kings Quest games. It's a fantastic game.. the only fault I could find is that it might be a little too easy.. you never really get stuck anywhere in the game, it's always pretty obvious what you're supposed to do. But the storyline, the pacing, the locations, graphics, voice acting.. it's all great!

So do you like Sierra games? How do you think they compare to Lucasarts games? I know it's a pretty silly question but I hear it all the time - "I love Lucasarts adventure games but I never really got into the Sierra ones" which I find really weird.
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