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I checked various mags and I believe there was also a demo of Super StreetFighter 2 on The One issue december 94.. Well, I'll just wait and see..

And thanks for the offer Twistin' Ghost! I'm looking forward to your The One disks also! Psycho Santa sounds nice

And before I am going to press the submit reply button I just wanted to say that I finally updated my coverdisk site!

These are all the new goodies (for detailed updating info just visit my site...):

- Non java navigation bars
- Changed layout a bit (fonts, colors, html-code)
- 3 Amiga Action issues and all available coverscans and diskscans!
- 8 The One issues
- 2 Amiga Power issues and various scans...
- 4 Amiga Computing issues

Phew! I'm glad I've finished this update before the end of june as promised... Now I am gonna focus on adding more disks, coverscans and diskscans...

I hope you all like it and if one of you has some tips and/or suggestions, just mail me or respond!
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