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Gravity - Ross Goodley, Image Works

Hi all,
We've got a thread going at concerning the game Gravity by Ross Goodley - you remember the game, you control a space ship on an isometric grid, complete with gravity wells around planets and stars and especially black holes. You are at war with the Outies who are trying to take over star systems by turning the stars into black holes. Remember?

Unfortunately its quite a difficult game to get to grips with and the manual isn't exactly brilliant.

Okay, the question: You can upgrade various kit at your colonies, but most of your equipment compartments are full, and I have't found a way of discarding the existing kit so I can fit new kit. So far the only method I've found is by the equipment being destroyed in combat and so gaining a vacant compartment. Is there another (less dangerous) way of creating space for new kit, or is that it?

Thanks for any wisdom.
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