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Amithlon killed my XP

Here's a different story. I booted Amithlon from cd and played with it for a while. It doesn't recognize fat hard drives so I download some fat file system tools from aminet but coyuld not get them working anyway I copied my games and utilities drive to a cd and tried to run them with amithlon. Nothing, even workbench based Colonization worked properly I gave up and shut it down.

After bootup, many of my utilities including dns2go client, icq and getright failed to work. There was no way this could happen. The safest way to fix this seemed to be reinstalling xp. I did that but during install it asked me to show files for sound Blaster Live! WDM driver from a temp location. I had the files compressed on a CD so I skipped it.After the installation I did not recieve any sound and the driver was disabled. Trying to reinstall the driver, xp frozen up. I tried different methods to reinstall the driver including absurd ones but the result was same. At the end, xp totally screwed it up and my cd-roms were disappeared fro my computer. Their driver was somehow corrupted. I un-re instaled it but no luck.

format c:\
setup win2k

And the reason was, amithlon somehow set the system clock to 19 February 2079!!! I wonder if I'll remember this day when I am 99 years old :hooooo

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