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Poll: Fave Joystick?

Yes, trick poll here, since there are no options to vote, but I think since there are so many choices, I rather let everybody pick their own replying to this message

I have a few faves.

- Competition Pro Star Extra / Any Competition Pro is like, THE classic Amiga joystick. This Star Extra is the one which was clear blue with shiny buttons/stick, and had added autofire and slowmotion controls. The little triangular base buttons were an excellent extra, adding autofire and slowmotion on-demand, instead of having them on all the time by using the switch. Brill.

- Suncom TAC-2 / From the C64 days, I acquired one of these a few months ago and I got to use it two days ago. EXCELLENT joystick, one of the best I ever used. It just controls like a dream. One great buy.

- Quickjoy Megastar / Though a bit of a disappointment at first, is the best arcadestick I could get for my Amiga. Wanted it for 9 years, and only recently I found one and got it. Cannot regret the move. While new they are a bit TOO tight, but with use they get more comfy.

- Sega Megadrive/Genesis 6 button joypad / Sega, IMO, made the BEST joypads out there. The 6-button model feels just great, and the C button works a treat with some Amiga games. As far as pads goe, this one is only rivalled by its 3 button counterpart, and the Sega Saturn joypads.

- Atari 7800 joystick - One of the best Atari made. Good grip and the stick feels just right (and it even has a ball-feel to it. I love sticks with ball-sticks . One great purchase.

I think having a good joystick is crucial. I have noticed that now, with my TAC-2, my Hyperdrive skills have improved

So, which are your fave joysticks?
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