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I tend to agree with the OP. Linux/BSD I use for messing about with servers, etc, but it's just not a great everyday system, Windows, while usable for everyday tasks, I'm sure we're all aware of it's numerous faults. But the big thing 3.x lacks is a decent browser.

If I could just use Betfair, Yuku, etc, on my Amiga I'd happily use it every day of the week. I can work on it, play Media, chat online, play quick and simple games, whatever, but the lack of a decent browser in such an Internet-centric world really holds it back. I just wish I had the knowledge to throw a port together.

This is why the reluctance to allow the port of 4.0 on the Mac-Mini is so disappointing for me. Give people widely available and pretty up-to-date hardware and we'd see a workable system for the first time in a decade.

But I guess the only hope now is AROS
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