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Starquake Map for C64

Since so many Amiga users upgraded from the c64 - I thought I'd mention on the boards here that I was in progress of creating a new Starquake for the C64 - I've seen the speccie or CPC version - but none for the old commie. So I uploaded it into the Zone for you guys! and I had great fun making it.

Now there is a c64 map to go with the speccie version. All 512 screens. Whew! Here is an overview of the map.

Actually, the best part was getting hold of all the teleporter locations and their passwords. This game is going to be rather easy to complete now.

Anyone wanting a copy of the map can go here and grab them. Interestingly, the full map size took a massive 300Mb (true color) while working with it. But once I reduced the image to 4-bit - it came down to 32Mb for the 16 color bitmap. I have this as a backup for any necessary mods. Finally saved it as a .png and it now only 1.2Mb while taking 36Mb in memory. Not bad for a 75Mpixel image.
Actual size is 8193x9213 pixels or physically 289 x 325 cms :P

I must take my hat off for Infranview for such a clean cutting tool and an excellent cropping mask tool for screen coordinates which made the job so much easier!

If anyone spots any errors let me know and I'll correct them.

* one thing I noticed when color reducing was getting those annoying dithered pixels - I turned it off (Floyd-Steinberg) and the image remained spotless afterwards. More of a self reminder next time.
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