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Amiga, Linux & Windows

What can i say!. after spending 10 years with Amiga Workbench from 1990 till 2000 and using Windows at work for my IT job in the mid 90's till 2000 and buying Windows PC and using for personal use from 2000 till 4 months ago this year, and picking up Suse Linux 10.2 and giving it a thorough workout, i have come to one conclusion.

AMIGA WINS !!!!.... There is just too much about Linux that frustrates the shit out of me as did Windows, but never did i feel that running my A1200 and doing all sorts of things with it. Sure, in todays world, you can do many more things with latest OS's, but at least the Amiga didnt take so long to damn boot!!.. One thing that suprised me about Suse was the boot time!!!!!????? amongst other things, but i will still stick with Linux over Windows until i one day become a Linux superuser and have no problems at all ( seems i have no choice ) .

And no, i dont mind playing around with the Linux shell, i love the fact that i can, but make one small mistake in Linux and you need a science degree to get it back or its time for "another" reinstall until you know exactly what youve done wrong time and time again.

Linux is the Rick Dangerous of OS's. You cant avoid the danger till it happens, then once you know its easier, but it means starting the thing "all over AGAIN !!!!!"
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