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Yes, too me also 10 years to get an A-1200 after I got my first A-500 in '90
But now I got 2 working A-1200
Bought the first one on a fleamarket for around 50 $, but it seems it has a problem with the LISA chip ( everything seems to work but the screen stays black )
Then I bought a A-1200 in parts, but without Roms. ( rather cheap - less than 20 $ ). The took the roms from the non-working one and put it into the new one and jippie-yeah - my first A-1200 !!! )
Just 2 weeks ago I bought another A-1200 at the fleamarket for 20 $ ( couldn't resist at this price despite my wife almost killed me for buying yet another machine I don't need ). Luckily this A-1200 works

Only sad thing is I haven't really had enough time lately to enjoy the A-1200 and learn about it...
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