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Originally Posted by spiff View Post
Megadrive and snes both run to fast to be playable. Unless you've played the game before and memorized the patterns it's pretty boring. Amiga version could have used a minor speed up, wonder if the NTSC version is better.

Graphics on the snes sucks as well imo, there's no sensible colour balance, all bitmap games look like they've been ported by colourblind monkeys. Animations haven't been timed to the new speed and just look silly.

Ingame music was a nice edition otoh, I miss that from the amiga/PC.
The best console version is actually the MegaDrive. The graphics are less pink. And I now think that the dual playfield is confusing. The console port must have required it: "Rule #251: every platformer shall have a dual playfield scrolling"

But the speed kills the game you're right. For example, invincibility lasts the same amount of time, but as the hero walks 2 or 3 times faster, you can kill everything on your way in the meanwhile, which is not what is intended at first.
There's a Tool Assisted Recording of the MegaDrive: where this "feature" is abused of (very impressive anyway if you don't know it).

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