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Street Fighter III

So, now that CPS3 is emulated, what are everyone's thoughts on Street Fighter III?

I think Street Fighter III Third Strike is probably my favourite of the series - everything just seems to work so well, and playing it requires a good combination of skill and reflexes. I love playing with Ken and Hugo, and one day I want to learn how to play with Elena, Necro or Oro.

The one thing I don't like about Third Strike (apart from the voiceover, which you get used to) is the shared backgrounds. I thought this was abit lazy on behalf of the development team, as I think every character should have their own background. This is something that I like about Second Impact. I also feel Second Impact feels slightly faster. But then again, Second Impact looks and feels very "Capcomy" - for example, the almost midi style music, the cartoony characters in the background, etc. Third Strike does away with this and thus feels less like a Capcom game, and abit more grittier, which I like.

All Street Fighter games are great, but for me my favourites are:

1. Street Fighter III Third Strike
2. Street Fighter Alpha 3
3. Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition
4. Super Street Fighter 2: The new Challengers

Never played Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo X - any good?

Comments? Thoughts on Street Fighter III or Street Fighter in general?
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