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I have to agree... I've had a computer since 1981 (zx81) and slowly followed the way of most in here.... Speccy/C64, Amiga... then used my first ever "proper" PC in the mid 80's.... first the big IBM machines and then shockingly the IBM PS2 (shocked they didn't try to claim that name when the Sony PS2 was released!!)... to say that I wasn't impressed compared to an Amiga 500 is an understatement.

Took a break from computers for a while and returned with an A1200 in 1996 and loved it to bits.... best time of my life... inviting mates round for games such as Sensi WOS and Worms, couple of beers and then some!! Made my first foray into music back then and now use the name Quantum Flux as my "music name"... so maybe going back in time as Merlin suggests is only a capacitor away!!
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