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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Dennis's MiniMig uses a PIC controller to load a CORE (this core loads ROMs to a proteced memory and then the rest to the spartan3) so could this CORE be changed..... I was initiall thinking of GoaC (Genesis on a chip) or well maybe SNES ?....
Yes for the Megadrive/Genesis, but that'd require you to start from nothing with the core, only having a pre-laid out circuit board for you to develop with..

Negatory for the SNES. Not 68k based. Better select another platform to start from or do some hw redesigning.

I would also love an AGA version of this... it would be fantastic!
Many others would too, but it ain't gonna fit in the FPGA or be very easy to make.

An easy modification/addition would be an A600/1200 compatible IDE connector (and/or compact flash slot).. Totally doable with only minor modifications.

However everyone seems to want 020+ and AGA and 8MB chip. Not realizable without extensive modifications to everything. :-D
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