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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
There's a script in there called "UAE4all-tweak.gpu" or somesuch - it's plain (unix) text, just edit that and set your settings in there. Just don't use notepad if you're in windows.

Yup, Edited the settings via a hex editor on laptop. I'm on about the save to disk as in hi-scores etc in game. Stardust doesn't save or load my previous scores anymore but just tried T-Racer and that saves and reloads fine, hmmmmm.

As for the GP/PSP argument it's obvious which has the most power but it depends what you want.

If you want 3D graphics and cut down versions of PS2 games to play on a dodgy ghostvision widescreen then buy a PSP (i bought one months after a bought my GP2X and got rid, For the emulation side of it the screen was wrong and the firmware up/downgrade etc was a PITA)

If you primary goal is to play old Spectrum/C=64/Amstrad CPC/Master System/NES/Genesis/SNES/Neo Geo/M.A.M.E/Atari ST/Amiga games on the move wherever you are then the GP2X is a killer piece of kit. The screen is better suited and putting new software/roms on it couldn't be easier (SD card reader or USB cable) the joystick isn't to everyone's liking but i don't have a problem with it.

As for a successor to the GP2X i think it's all BS. If it did happen, Faster CPU, 3D accelerator, Proper D-Pad and with backing from some big games developers the PSP (along with Sony's it will only do what we want it too attitude) would be finished.

Just my 2p
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