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I'm too tired to quote point for point its late here and I should be in bed.

I know you hate that insert insult/no offence thing I was being ironical.

Fair enough and fair points. Personally I prefer fast action amiga games over strategy unless I have a proper mouse/keyboard setup. And UAE4ALL delivers for me. Just a sample of the games I chuck on for a quick thrashing: Buggy Boy, Continental Circus, Vroom, ChaseHQ, Super Cars 2 (Thanks Galahad!), Rotox, Hybris, RVF Honda. These are the types of games I cant play on the psp because of the slow LCD. And I will say pspuaes features are great but if I had the choice between features and full speed I would choose full speed every time. especially for the types of games I play. The precise problem I have with the psp screen is the ghosting, for example when playing buggy boy and I move to the left quickly I see two or three buggys on screen at once because the screen takes so long to update.

WHDLoading from ram is a fantastic feature and so are savestates but I would trade them off in a second if it meant games ran slower.

I love my 1200 and all my amigas and winuae, but I cant take them to the toilet or to bed for a quick game. We have gone through all this before Horace and neither of us is going to change their preference.
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