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thb: i know that was ribbing, i was just making the point that it was slightly hyprocrital ... "insert insult / no offence" - you were only after one thing!

i will happily slag off the gp2x for lacking simple input devices, because that has been one of my major reasons for not buying one - but no, i wouldnt on the basis of the concept... i think its a brilliant idea, just not well enough executed for my needs.

your insistance on the slow-lcd being a problem... either you have really quick eyes, or you just wont ever be content!
im not saying the gp2x screen isnt better, i'm just saying that its odd that you alone are so vocal in your complaint of it. Everyone else (including myself) seems quite happy with it.

i wouldnt dream of slagging off the work on gp2x UAE though, becasue i think its great, even if it is on a system that i simply wont be buying at any stage.

However, i will give criticism of it (how else can it improve after all) - you cant deny that ,although a bit quicker, it doesnt have as much functionality at the mo.

Couple this with the fact that most of the types of games i play on PSPUAE (rpgs, strategys mostly, since they require "settling down" - something i cant do in front of a PC.) already run excellently on it, and are much improved by those extra functions.... you can see why this remains my preference, given that i dont have to fork out £120 just for a slightly faster and less practical (atm) version of UAE!

oh, and perhaps you will say "what about the platformers / racers etc? " - for the record anything that requires smoothness i try to avoid even playing on winuae tbh! thats why i keep the a1200
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