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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
The people who complain about the stick are generation console kiddies who need a dir pad to be half decent at games. (No offence Horace)
i will take offence, afterall, thats your intention!

please show me how you can play any RPG game such as Bloodwych, Dungeon Master, EOB etc comfortably WITHOUT having both dpad and nub. in fact, any decent mouse-controlled game that may also need a bunch of keys to make it playable on a portable system.

The mouse gets mapped to the analogue stick, and the d-pad is used for directions. you're pretty f**ked if you have to rely on just controlling the mouse, because you'll get trapped and killed in your game using the crappy on-screen direction controls.

also with strategy games like Sim City, or Syndicate.... you map the d-pad to being able to move the screen around, which makes things 20 time better.

oh, and all this is forgetting how much like a CD32 comp pro pad the d-pad control is when playing platformers etc.... sorry if thats not "old school" enough for you! since the CD32 was the first console i owned, and didnt own any other until afer 2000 (when i was already 19) i guess this must be what you are referring to with the "generation console kiddies" comment? CD32 owners?

edit: and please show me a classic Amiga joystick that was as small as the gp2x thing! (even if there was one, its hardly a zipstick is it?)

The headphone jack was a problem on some first editions only, I have a first edition and have never had this problem.
only on early editions huh? bit like the "blurry" PSP screen then?

Anyways how about you threadjackers try UAE4ALL and then comment on the actual topic.
i actually did comment on the topic. i just find it baffling that someone should own a PSP and so actively hate it. Makes me think you have more money than sense.
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