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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Yeah I agree with alexh why get the gp2x when you can have slower amiga emulation
Ahem, you say slower, I say more accurate and with good 68020 (A1200) support.

on a more expensive device
£10 is hardly a bank buster. PSP = £129 RRP, GP2x = £119 RRP

with a blury crap screen
I dont really have anything to compare with, but as long as bilinear interpolation is switched off it looks ok to me.

GP2x also has it's faults, the thumbstick is crap and the headphone socket is easily broken.

Oh and you can also have terrible MAME emulation if you get the psp.
But that is just an implementation issue. On the PSP you have PERFECT PSOne emulation and reasonable N64 emulation not something that is going to happen on the GP32 _ever_.

Originally Posted by Hungry Horace
if only there was a decent mips asm 68k core for PSPUAE
I think if they downgraded to 0.8.22 (UAE4ALL) instead of 0.8.29-WIP4 then that might help

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