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i would get a gp2x if it didnt lack the basics like a bloody d-pad!

thb: i very much doubt the screen will be the same as the one on yours - mine is newer than yours, and i have no complaints about "blur".... i suspect the new model will be better still... no guarentees on that though.

Zetr0 - i doubt you have the new "slimline" model though

alexh - as much as i love the old hacked psp, i think it will be a while before we see the new slimline model homebrew-enabled.

sounds like great work on the emulator. if only there was a decent mips asm 68k core for PSPUAE

lack of save-states is a bit silly... as soon as the gp2x uae has it, you can start abusing the function as some of us have been doing on pspuae for a long time now
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