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My first ever Amiga game was EPIC which was Free with my A600 HD. I thought wow this game is in 3D and what a great introduction and has music and speech, next I tried Myth which was also Free with my A600 HD. I remember thinking what a great fire effect on the titles and great atmosphere the music made.

My first game on the PC was Sonic-CD and was very disappointed to find the 1 month old Packard Bell 9003D P120, 8MB RAM, 1GB HD, WIN 95 and 1mb gfx card I got that xmas was not powerful enough. The game needed 16 MB RAM. So I upgraded and the game worked. This game was not worth the effort to get to run, might as well have stuck to the Master System II version. This CD was a pain as every time I changed timezones I had to wait 2 minutes for it to load.

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